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Home Show Depression

The word went out to the neighborhood this past weekend and so far I haven’t gotten a single RSVP.  I’m starting to think that this might end up being a bust. 


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It’s settled

My first “Open House” is set for Sunday, August 12 from 2-4. 

The woman who puts together our neighborhood newsletter is including an ad/invite in the latest edition that will be distributed this coming weekend.  We worked out all the details today – a bit last minute since she’s printing them this afternoon.

I’m playing up the idea of it being an open house instead of a pressure sale situation and she really went for that idea.  We included an RSVP number and email as well as information about the website.  Best of all, I don’t have to pay for the invites/ad and it goes out to the entire neighborhood.  I’ll provide basic refreshment and snacks, but nothing major since it isn’t a full on party.  She’s going to bring wine and some friends.  What more could I ask for?

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It’s been a while since I’ve just posted something pretty.

Here are a few of my jewelry pieces.

Breast Cancer Awareness BraceletBreast Cancer Awareness Bracelet with Pink Swarovski Crystals and Chalk AB Swarovski Crystals on a Sterling Silver Chain.  10% of the sales from this bracelet will be donated to finding a cure.  $35.99

Custom BraceletCustom Earrings and Bracelet Set Custom Bracelet and Earrings Set.  Swavoski Crystals in Silver Cystal Shade, Crystal AB2x, Colorado Topaz AB, and Crystal.  Large Silver Crystal Shade Heliz Crystals finish this set.  $130 for the set.

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Still focusing on a show

Today’s post is more a question than anything informative/productive.  I’m hoping that there are enough people out there to answer it.

 How do you go about getting people to sign up for home shows without sounding like you’re desperate?  Do you just call everyone you know and ask them to host?  Do you invite all your friends to your house for the first show? 

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Still thinking

I’ve spent the last couple days thinking about the home show (ahem, Open House) idea.

My husband called a friend of ours who wanted to host a show last fall to see if she’d still be interested.  (Why didn’t I call?  They both have those Nextel radio phones with the direct connect thing that I just can’t get to work for me no matter how much I try, ha!  I am a self proclaimed gadget queen, but I just can’t get that to work.)  She is going to speak to her mother about co-hosting possibly since she just sold her house and will be living at her parents’ house.  I hope they come back with positive interest so that maybe I can get a show under my belt without having to play hostess as well as sell things.

I need to write up the invites for the neighborhood show.  This one is more difficult for me since I don’t actually know a lot of the neighbors.  I know of them of course, but don’t know their names or anything about them.  I can tell you where each of the dogs lives in the neighborhood, but not who their puppy-parents are.  I’m thinking of playing up the “get to know your neighbors” idea as my show theme.  Of course this is ironic since we’re moving in 3 months to New Jersey, but it’s never to late to get to know people, right?

So basically, I’m still thinking and wanted to thank the two people who commented earlier in the week.  It’s nice to know that someone might actually be reading what I’m writing. 

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Questions to Ponder – Home Show?

It seems I’m one of the only people I know who have not been to numerous home demonstration shows during their lifetime.  In my 31 years I have attended ONE Tupperware party and that was about six years ago when I first moved to Florida.  Since then I have been invited, but have never gone to other shows for things like Pampered Chef and Creative Memories scrapbooking.  Honestly I’ve never had the desire to go to those parties, but I’ve heard other people talk about them with great delight and satisfaction.

Recently I was prompted to think about doing my own jewelry home shows.  Last fall I was supposed to do a show at a friend’s house, but because of some unforseen events on her side, that never happened.  I put the idea on the backburner until a couple days ago.  This is a slow craft show season in SW Florida, but I still want to get my things out there for everyone to see.  I’ve decided to go ahead and host my own party.  A bit awkward though since I don’t know quite what to do as a hostess.

So my questions to ponder:

  1. Is it weird to host my own party?
  2. Am I just basically asking people to come into my house and buy something?
  3. Do I play games? 
  4. Give prizes?
  5. What food do I serve?
  6. Is my house even big enough to host a party like this?
  7. Should I start with a smaller party for people I know or go for the larger party for the neighborhood?

These are the things I need to work on…  and soon since I’m hoping to hold this party the second weekend in August. 

As always, thanks for reading!

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