Due to a sudden need for cash, I’ve decided to try the Ebay route to success and have put many of my jewelry items on the site.  In the past I’ve had a lot of success selling the random item from around the house (old textbooks, discarded beads, old jewelry, computers and printers), but I haven’t really tried to sell my jewelry very often.  I have on occassion listed a necklace here or there with a couple sales, but I’ve never put much serious thought into it.  I’ve thought of ebay more as a way to draw people to my main website rather than a way to sell items.  Now, as I said, I need to make some money.  Everywhere you turn people are selling items on ebay.  That includes a ton of jewelry – handcrafted, like mine, or manufactured.  It seems jewelry has just inundated the world and there’s little a new seller can do to break into the market without going to extremes.  So what’s my next step?  Any ideas?

And since I’m doing a shameless promotion anyway…  my Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/Nanuks-Igloo-Custom-Jewelry


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