Bridal Jewelry Near-Nightmare

Over the last year I have been asked by many of my friends to make their bridal jewelry for them since they know I make jewelry and because they want something no one else will have. 

 I received two such commissions in the past six weeks.  One was for a wedding this Sunday and the other for a wedding in October.  Earlier this month I went to Chicago and met with this weekend’s bride.  We discussed design some more since it was the first time we’d gotten to do so in person and then I came back to Florida.  Although time was running out, I managed to get the design made and shipped to my friend with plenty of time to spare.  Fortunately I asked for a tracking number (and will from now on!) because I received a near-frantic email from her on Wednesday saying the package had been delivered according to the tracking info, but that she didn’t have the package.  She’d asked her building manager if he had it, but he said no.  Here it was only five days before the wedding, the jewelry was no where to be found, and there was nothing I could do to solve the problem from so far away.  Had she been close, I would’ve tried to make her something else to give her bridesmaids to wear, but that’s tough to do from so many states away.  I spent most of yesterday hoping the jewelry would show up. 

This morning I received an email telling me that the jewelry was in the building manager’s office and that it probably had been the entire time, but for some reason he didn’t know it?  Unfortunately my friend was already out of town for the wedding and couldn’t get the jewelry from him until after the wedding, so she needed to find someone to pick it up before they left the city for the weekend’s events. 

Now, this might not seem like too much of a nightmare to some, but as a woman who has just recently gotten married, I know that these stresses can push any sane bride to her breaking point.  My friend weathered the storm fairly well though.  It has also made me rethink my bridal custom order policies.  I will not take a chance like this again for anyone without explaining first that if something is going to be shipped so close to the wedding date that there’s a chance it might not arrive as expected.  I would think that two weeks prior to the wedding is a fair cut off date for any unknown obstacles that might get in the way.  Therefore any orders placed for bridal jewelry need to be placed at least four weeks prior to allow for custom ordering any components and production time. 

I learned something valuable from this experience and hope that maybe someone else will learn from it as well.  My bridal collection can be found at and my custom bridal orders (as well as other custom items) can be found at


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