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Quartz Properties – Amethyst, Crystal, and Golden


My latest necklace features Amethyst, White and Golden faceted Quartz beads on a silver link chain.  As I was creating the necklace I only thought of how I liked the unusual color combination of the Golden and Amethyst Quartz, but then I started wondering what properties the three types of Quartz would hold together.  Here is the breakdown as I’ve been able to figure based on some brief research.

Amethyst Quartz:
Amethyst will remove radiation that the body sometimes store at the temples due to the amount of time we spend on computers and cell phones these days.  It is also said to increase physical activity for the wearer and helps the person protect themself against excess whether that be in the form of eatings, drinking or even shopping. 

Golden Quartz:
Golden Quartz is the stone of hapiness and can be used to release negative energies and toxins from a person’s body.  Because of this, it is also said to be one of the primary metaphysicl treatments for depression.  Golden Quartz is also believed to reinforce self-confidence which can in return bring about the happiness that the stone is believed to provide. 

Crystal Quartz:
Crystal Quartz is the most powerful Quartz stone since it is said to enhance all other stones.  On its own it can do many things including increasing energy, repairing a forgotten memory and giving the wearing an increased sense of personal value.

I’ve decided that this necklace will be one of good things with all the positive energies surrounding it.  Anyone who wears it will find themself smiling due to an increased sense of happiness and self appreciation.  The combination of energies is even better than the combination of colors it seems. 

Another new creation is this Crystal Quartz Bridal Bracelet.


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It’s been a while since I’ve just posted something pretty.

Here are a few of my jewelry pieces.

Breast Cancer Awareness BraceletBreast Cancer Awareness Bracelet with Pink Swarovski Crystals and Chalk AB Swarovski Crystals on a Sterling Silver Chain.  10% of the sales from this bracelet will be donated to finding a cure.  $35.99

Custom BraceletCustom Earrings and Bracelet Set Custom Bracelet and Earrings Set.  Swavoski Crystals in Silver Cystal Shade, Crystal AB2x, Colorado Topaz AB, and Crystal.  Large Silver Crystal Shade Heliz Crystals finish this set.  $130 for the set.

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Gift Certificates

It seems that whenever a holiday rolls around and someone doesn’t know what to get the other person, they get them a gift card.  We can buy gift cards at local grocery stores for so many places that we no longer even have to go to the actually store/restaurant to buy the card.  Not too long ago, I added the option of Paypal Gift Certificates to my store website.  I haven’t had much chance to use them, but I’ve always known they were there.  Then, just the other night, I was faced with the realization that I needed tangible, in my hand, gift certificates for people who might want to buy them in person.  I didn’t know where to begin and honestly the only reason I was thinking about them at all was because I had an order for one.  A former student of mine asked for one to give his mother for her birthday this weekend.  When faced with a problem like this, I actually enjoy seeing the solution take place.  I managed to design and make my own gift certificates.  Do I believe that they will always be this same design?  No.  Does the design do what it needs to do right now?  Yes. 


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Nanuk’s Igloo Inventory

Welcome once again.

In this post:  What Nanuk’s Igloo offers.

Inevitably you’re wondering what Nanuk’s Igloo sells.  From the first post, it is obvious that I sell jewelry, but what kind?

I am proud to say that I am one of many “beaders” across the world who sells handcrafted, custom made, often one-of-a-kind pieces.  The majority of my pieces include Swarovski crystals/pears or semi-precious stones with sterling silver.  I make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even gifts that are fit for any event or occasion.  My items can be worn for that special event, but are versatile enough for everyday. 

I don’t believe that jewelry should break the bank so I offer items in all price ranges.  Right now if you look at the site you will find items ranging from $4.99 to $65.99.  Of course, price depends on quality of items and the work that went into creating that piece. 

Pictures?  I think you would rather see the items instead of hear about them, so here is a sampling of what you will find at

I’ll start with bracelets.

In the next post:  Necklaces

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  And as always…  thank you for reading.

B-14 Item B-15 Item B-19 Item B-20 Item B-18

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