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Quartz Properties – Amethyst, Crystal, and Golden


My latest necklace features Amethyst, White and Golden faceted Quartz beads on a silver link chain.  As I was creating the necklace I only thought of how I liked the unusual color combination of the Golden and Amethyst Quartz, but then I started wondering what properties the three types of Quartz would hold together.  Here is the breakdown as I’ve been able to figure based on some brief research.

Amethyst Quartz:
Amethyst will remove radiation that the body sometimes store at the temples due to the amount of time we spend on computers and cell phones these days.  It is also said to increase physical activity for the wearer and helps the person protect themself against excess whether that be in the form of eatings, drinking or even shopping. 

Golden Quartz:
Golden Quartz is the stone of hapiness and can be used to release negative energies and toxins from a person’s body.  Because of this, it is also said to be one of the primary metaphysicl treatments for depression.  Golden Quartz is also believed to reinforce self-confidence which can in return bring about the happiness that the stone is believed to provide. 

Crystal Quartz:
Crystal Quartz is the most powerful Quartz stone since it is said to enhance all other stones.  On its own it can do many things including increasing energy, repairing a forgotten memory and giving the wearing an increased sense of personal value.

I’ve decided that this necklace will be one of good things with all the positive energies surrounding it.  Anyone who wears it will find themself smiling due to an increased sense of happiness and self appreciation.  The combination of energies is even better than the combination of colors it seems. 

Another new creation is this Crystal Quartz Bridal Bracelet.


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Stone Meanings – Onyx

This is just a quick post today as I have a lot to do to get my first batch of mailings out to local shops.  I’m trying to get some local shop to buy or consign my jewelry.  Here’s hoping!

 Today’s stone is Black Onyx. 


(The above item is for sale on my website.  Just click the picture.)

I chose this stone because as I was researching stones for this week, I came across this statement: 

Black Onyx is good for Protection and is” a good stone for Entrepreneurs and Inventors, to repel negative energy surrounding other peoples opinions or ideas.  ”  I have not received negativity for my jewelry, yet, but feel that it is always nice to be prepared.

Onyx was worn by ancient warriors to help protect them in battle.  They carried onyx with carved images of their gods and goddesses so they could call on their protection when it was needed most. 

According to the same source quoted above, onyx is a great stone for someone who is having a hard time moving on after a relationship.  Whether it be because they still care for the person or it ended suddenly, onyx is said to help by giving the person the strength needed to break the ties and get past it. 

Black Onyx is a stone of positive power.  It strengthens the wearer so that she (or he I guess) can face the challenge ahead of them whether that challenge be physical or mental; in battle or in their mind; old or new. 

Onyx is also the astrological stone for July and comes mainly from Brazil. 

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Stone Meanings – Carnelian

This week’s semi-precious stone is Carnelian.

Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian is a beautiful rusty red colored stone that comes mainly from India, but can also be found in South America.  Carnelian was said to have many mystical properties including helping absent minded people remember things.  It is also said to be a good stone to wear during anger or for hot tempered people because it helps calm anger and provide peace to the wearer.

Carnelian is also thought to be one with the earth and be a part of the Earth’s strength, so will give strength to those who wear it both physically and mentally.  It can also give inner strength to increase self esteem and confidence. 

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Stone Meanings – Moonstone


This week’s featured semi-precious stone is Moonstone. 

Moonstone is a beautiful opalescent stone with rainbow colors and a pale sheen.  It can range in color from blue, peach, green, pink, yellow, brown or gray with a hint of silver. 

Moonstone can be found in Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States making it a universal stone as it is not located in just one country. 

Along with a beautiful color, Moonstone is said to have numerous mystical properties.

In India it is believed to be sacred and it used to be used by Romans who believed that the stones were actually conductors of the moon’s light.  Moonstone is also said to protect women and babies from harm, bring visions of the future to those who hold it during a full moon, and even promote a good harvest.  A person who holds/wears a piece of moonstone will also find their emotions calmed so it is good to have around during times of stress.

In addition to bringing mystical beliefs, moonstone is also said to be able to heal certain ailments such as headaches, nose bleeds, and even sunstroke. 

Item N-93

(To purchase the above necklace, click the picture.)

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Gift Certificates

It seems that whenever a holiday rolls around and someone doesn’t know what to get the other person, they get them a gift card.  We can buy gift cards at local grocery stores for so many places that we no longer even have to go to the actually store/restaurant to buy the card.  Not too long ago, I added the option of Paypal Gift Certificates to my store website.  I haven’t had much chance to use them, but I’ve always known they were there.  Then, just the other night, I was faced with the realization that I needed tangible, in my hand, gift certificates for people who might want to buy them in person.  I didn’t know where to begin and honestly the only reason I was thinking about them at all was because I had an order for one.  A former student of mine asked for one to give his mother for her birthday this weekend.  When faced with a problem like this, I actually enjoy seeing the solution take place.  I managed to design and make my own gift certificates.  Do I believe that they will always be this same design?  No.  Does the design do what it needs to do right now?  Yes. 


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Changes and Updates

I took this week off from the jewelry business and yet at the same time I really didn’t.  I decided to take the first part of this week and relax, but then I got to thinking about my website.  Yesterday I pulled out all of my necklaces and redid the pictures for the website.  I’m happy with the way the pictures have come out.  As a sample, here are a few of the newly done pictures.



I have also purchased new fabric for new tablecloths.  Now that I have a show under my belt I can see the things I need to do for improvement.  Raising the tables before the next show is a must and therefore I will need longer cloths.  In addition to that improvement, I have also decided to buy sturdier busts for displaying the items.  That’ll help against wind.

I feel much more prepared for next month’s show than I did for this month’s.  Mainly it’s because I have actually done a show and have more time to prepare for this one than I did last time.  Both of these shows will be used as preparation for the one in Maine this July.  For that I will have to put a lot of time into my Celtic Collection.


Thanks as always for reading and joining me along the way to making it in the jewelry business. 


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In this post:  Getting Ready for the Show

My first show is a mere 15 days away.  I feel like getting ready has completely consumed everything I do.  I am constantly wondering if I have enough to keep my booth stocked for two days; if items are priced accurately; if I should change prices and share more or less; if people are actually going to buy my items; and mostly, if I’m ready overall for this.

My husband says I am.  He looks at everything I’ve done and says he knows that I’m ready.  As the show gets closer, I’m listening to him more and more.  I wasn’t this nervous two weeks out from our wedding this past November.

This week I have worked on making more pieces.  I’m averaging about three for each day I’ve worked on things.  I’ve also worked on getting the price cards written out and putting together the basket of earrings that will go on a table that I don’t even have yet.

I have also started to think about the next show I will do after this one.  I need to start looking into the next show and then the one after that if this is going to work.  My husband spends time looking up shows and emailing them to me.  I’m amazed at how many links he sends me on a regular basis.

Looking back, I don’t know if I really have much to post today, but wanted to write anyway.  I think a new jewelry picture is in order.

This is a set I made on Monday. It features Amber Quartz and Citrine with Silver Celtic diamonds and a large Dragonfly pendant.  There are also matching earrings.

Remember to check out for even more new items since it seems like I’m always creating and adding something new. 

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